A silent prayer for the unborn

“In the womb she tosses and turns. At the exit doors of heaven she was asked to choose, to be born or to be free. Now in the deep waters she sits alone and ponders on her choice.”

Choice. The most debated word in American history. But i’m talking about the choice that an unborn child made at the gates of heaven and earth. Did she know what she was getting herself in to? Was she give a clear picture or was she shown a glossy commercial of the things she would witness on earth?

“Life is not all swings and sand castles”, read the fine print on the brochure for our beloved world.

The footage of innocent children wrapped in white, victims of the Syrian chemical attack is a glimpse in to the kind of world we are living in and the world that these unborn babies will step in to. Is it fair though, that while humanity is reaching it’s peak of atrociousness, these new lives are being formed?

Today’s attack in Syria is said to be the first and by far the most disastrous chemical weapons strike in the last decade. So does that mean we’ve gotten over the nightmare called Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Have we moved on since then to more horrifying events in history?

How long are we going to shield the unborn, because one day we’d be out in the open and they’d be there with us. The dangerous, desperate world they are marching towards.

Well and when there are no chemical weapons, there is lust, pride and neurosis.

I just saw a video of the young woman who talked the Georgia school gunman out of massacring the place. She spoke to him. All she did was talk to him about the grief she shared with him. She didn’t know him from adam. But she understood the pain. She felt unloved once and he shared her feelings. It got her to dissuade him from ruthlessly killing helpless children. Bravo! She is a hero. And heroes we need.

Is that all humanity needs? to be heard and to be loved. And how difficult is that? Will there be no wars, pain and hurt, if we only learn to hear and love?

But then what about boredom? What is the cure for three young children shooting an Australian baseball player because they had exhausted their means of normal entertainment?

Who knows what drives people to watch someone in misery and enjoy it. Why wouldn’t they want to rescue animals instead? Heal and not hurt?

Who knows why lust exist? Why certain men in India don’t believe in consent, but get pleasure out of forcing themselves on to powerless women? And why is that the way a woman dresses is blamed for her rape and not the fact that the man could have such a barbaric thought. Why are her parents outcasted for her misfortune and his parents celebrated for his manhood? The laws of nature versus nurture downplayed.

It truly is a sad day for the world. Because dead children wrapped in white shroud never makes for a pretty picture.