Why has education failed India?

Think about it. Has education changed India? Has education made us think? Has education prompted us to think ahead of our times? Has education created anything except engineers and doctors in our country?

Has education been unsuccessful in instilling humanity within us?

Here’s some more stuff to think about if you’re not sure of the answers to the above questions:

A woman is roughed up, photographed and flashed on the front page of a cheap vernacular newspaper for going out with her friends and having a good time.

Rape is probably the most googled word in the country.

Why is there still a strong sense of discontent at the birth of a girl child in the family?

Why is morality defined in such narrow terms in India and why is morality a larger issue when it comes to women?

Why is it that you can hangout with an open minded female friend or colleague, but when it comes to taking her home to your mother, you want a woman who stays at home, cooks meals and looks after your kids. Basically has no life of her own.

Why do I hear you chuckle every time I make sense? Why do I see you ignoring me every time I’m good at something?

Because education has failed at educating India. We know our tables well, we can spell better than anyone in the world, our grammar is perfect and yes, our history is altered, but all of this at the cost of a degrading society.

A society that has not bothered to keep up with the changing times. A society that is pulling us so far behind, that inflation is not an issue anymore. A society is so bothered by what others think, that it completely disrespects you.

We are so comfortable in our hideouts that we fail to see the light in progress. Progress in India means more money. It means a higher standard of living. It means you can buy more stuff to make your house look pretty, but nobody cares that it comes at the cost of deep internal deterioration.

Has education worked in India? Has it made any difference?