Serious attempts at breaking the routine

Routine scares me as much as an adventurous life freaks me out. For a creative person, adding a dash of color to your everyday mundane life is the constant endeavour. Yet, most others go through life without even realizing that their yesterday looks exactly like today. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but for me it comes close to being disastrous. 

There is a sense of discipline involved in accepting the routine. To the extent that your mind has to completely and listlessly agree with the slow yet ordinary unfolding of events. Each day, every day, the day slows down even further. As you do one thing after another, the thrill vanishes. It’s like living in a dark room, blindfolded and yet being able to maneuver perfectly. 

 You know where everything is in the room. The milk carton, the sugar, your toothbrush, your couch that turns in to a bed every now and then and the pile of clothes that you trip over everyday at 4 o clock as you go looking for more stuff to wear. 

Everything is the same. For most part of your morning you think of everything you could do to break the routine. Run, skip, jump, read and write. You often try listening to a different genre of music just cause the one you listen to everyday makes you wanna throw up. Yet, Youtube prompts you to your favorite-not-so-favorite songs. 

Taking a walk helps. If I could, i’d walk my life through. But unfortunately, i’d be way ahead of most things and that would just mean catching up or moving backwards. 

The thing about routine is that it makes you dull. It leads to slow deterioration of your brain cells due to lack of new activity. You see, you are so use to not doing anything out of the blue, that you practically stop producing grey matter. Now, this is not scientifically proven, but weight gain is a sure shot side effect of giving up your fight against the routine. Other side effects include, hair loss, lack of sleep, listlessness, gossiping, flakey behavior, agitation and a tendency to take on new addictions. 

Now, don’t hold me to this, but I’ve also realized that people who do not think there is anything wrong with a routine, extremely pathetic life are referred to as ‘normal’. Well, that makes the rest of anti-normal. Which is not so insulting because, normal people aren’t fun at all. They think they are. But they really are just a sorry, safe excuse for being too comfortable in the corner of their box.

Anti-normal on the other hand are people desperately trying to jump out of the box. The box here being a hypothetical visualization for our lives. These explanations are strictly for normal people who are so caught up in perfecting their daily chores (tying shoe laces for instance) that they forget to stand up and peek beyond the walls of their boxes. 

Forgive me, if this sounds like a post on the unusual differences between normal and fun people. oops! Did I say fun? Then maybe I meant it. 

The thrill in being different and part of the crazy class of 2003 is that no matter how many times you are let down by the daily grind, you almost always bounce back. Some days it takes a little bit more motivation than yesterday, but you can always find new crazy ways to excite yourself. Don’t be normal, be cool. That’s all.