An Indian mother with three children

I watched a helpless woman manage three children, this past weekend. All by herself. And she wasn’t even a single mother. In fact she was just another Indian mother.

She had a perfectly capable husband, who had quietly huddled up with his buddies to discuss something that I believe was more important than helping the mother of his children. 

Because clearly, while the woman struggled to keep all her children from running away in three different directions, he took solace in smoking a well deserved cigarret.  While she held one kid by his arm, tried to shove a banana in the other toddlers mouth, and tried to verbally pacify her eldest daughter who had a perfectly timed temper tantrum. He seemed unmoved. 

When I made my way past her, I could see the regret in her eyes. I could tell she wanted all of this to end. She wanted to just let her hair down and dip her feet in the white waterfall and close her eyes. I knew she wanted to shut herself to the world she lived in and just breath the fragrant air for a change. But where was she? Was she even aware of the other side? The one where you can really be yourself and live life queenlike?

Every time I read an article about women liberation and empowerment, I think about this woman and the likes of her. I would like to see her happy, but does she want to be on the other side of the fence? Maybe she doesn’t, because she doesn’t know it exists. The only media she is exposed to is the drama filled Indian soaps, which are definitely no source for picking up feminist virtues. Neither is she on Twitter or Facebook, where she could read these personal blogs and understand that she has the power too. She doesn’t know her place in the world, she only believes what she is told without questioning it, because thats how she was brought up. 

But how is her upbringing to be blamed for her current situation? She’s probably 35 by now, has three brats for kids and a wonderful doctor/engineer husband, who probably got a huge dowry for taking this girl off her parents hands. How is her life before she got married to be blamed for her misery now?