A wish list for our puppy in the year 2014.


Typically as the year approaches the last week of it’s existence, most people reflect on the ups and downs it brought. I am no exception to this and some intellectually reflective conversations with myself over the last few days have helped me put together a list of things I would like the next year to be a part of.

But, instead of listing boring ‘to do’ items for myself, I made this wish list for my puppy. In a very strange way, I want the same things for my puppy and me in the coming year. Barely four months old, my yellow labrador pup ‘Sunny’, is just only beginning to get a hang of life. And just like me, he is refusing to open up to the world. He loves his parents and he takes comfort in the fact that we will always be around to protect him, but what he’s missing out on is a world of adventure and experiences. So here’s what I wish 2014 brings his way and helps him grow.

  1. Health: Like all responsible parents, I want our puppy ‘Sunny’, to be hale and hearty. He has spent the last few days recovering from a stomach bug that has left him weak and pale. I wish good health and steady growth for my little one. I love watching him run around the house and I hope the new year brings him more energy and strength to take his exploration to new levels.
  2. Trust: As secure as he feels with us, he is very mistrusting of other people and his friends. I wish that he musters the courage to give people a chance to prove themselves worth the while. I want him to judge less based on appearances and superficial traits and wait a moment longer before he jumps to conclusions. I want him to walk up to people and confidently greet them and not hide behind me every time he sees a stranger pass by. I want him to accept people based on the good they have to offer and ignore the negatives.
  3. Confidence: It took Sunny over a week before he could finally climb up or down the stairs leading to the entrance to our door. And it makes him very nervous every time a well-groomed dog passes by. Although, he is by far the most good looking puppy I’ve ever seen, he doesn’t quite know it yet. I want him to take a good look at himself in the mirror and then I want him to notice his big strong paws. I know he has it in him to be the best dog there is and I just want to help him see it for himself.
  4. I want him to concentrate less on the rewards and more on learning the tricks of life.
  5. I want him to bring himself up to playing with the same toy at least for a whole day. Even though he knows his mummy daddy have a million tricks in their bag to keep him entertained all day long, I want him to know that he has to be on his own one day and that his toys would come in very handy then.
  6. I want him to learn to fetch and bring the ball back. This is purely a wish for my puppy and it has no reflection on my own life whatsoever.
  7. I want him to appreciate and trust the people he is with. I want him to know that he can sleep soundly as long as the people he is with are alive and kicking.
  8. I want him to understand the difference between plastic, paper, metal and kibble. He seems really confused at this point.
  9. I want him to be more adventurous and for a change chase the squirrels that tease him, rather than just watching them run up and down the tree.
  10. I want him to have a set of godparents. Applications welcomed.
  11. I want him to be thankful for the beautiful life he lives and for the people he loves the most. Likewise.
  12. Finally, I want him to be happy always. Because, there’s no other joy than to see a happy puppy jumping around the living room wagging his long tail.

Here’s wishing that 2014 brings him joy, more love and bacon treats!




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