I’m going downtown! Austin, downtown.

Blue rich skies and wide mountain ranges make people happy. Some love the ocean and others love vast green pasteurs. As for me, I love skyscrapers and Austin, Downtown. It’s the closest I come to being deliriously excited about New York City.

There is something about the downtown part of most big cities that makes me want to dream big. This morning as I walked through the avenues, making my way towards the destination, I could think about nothing but how I would love to wake up every morning, wear the finest business suit and a pair of black heels and work in one of these tall buildings. To be someone important and to make a difference. To put my education and ideas to use and to be able to sleep sound at night. The ambition to make it here or the dream that helped me survive New York City, isn’t dead and I hope to keep it alive till the day it comes true.

There are parts of this dream I cannot explain to most. Who’d like to wake up every morning and get stuck in the rut, they ask. But it’s the amazingly musical routine that makes me want to jump right in it. Yes, it’ll get to me a few months down the road, but who doesn’t love cribbing about their commute? Or about their work desk not having enough space or that the elevator in their office building reeks of body odor. I love everything that comes with going to work. The deadlines, the bosses, colleagues, awkward coffee machine hellos, avoiding superiors while on your way out for a long lunch and last but not the least, your work, my work!

Of all the places I’ve worked so far, The Economist, is and will always be my dream come true. Even today, if could turn back time and freeze that part of life, I would. Frame it in gold and put it up on the biggest wall in the house. Life was truly complete and there wasn’t anything left to ask for. Yet, the internship came to an end and the dream suffered a small crack. No harm, no foul. 

Two years since, I’ve managed to keep the ambition alive. I often fight with people for stereotyping me in a certain category, only to realize they’d never understand. The difference is that I got to live my dream and I am still capable of making the next part of it come true. For the rest of the world, it’s an endless miserable story. dreamless, without imaginations. For the people who don’t dream, have no use of an imagination. Stereotypes is all they have and they’d never change. Here I take a pledge to never argue with ignorance. 

Walking down sixth street today, I so badly wanted to just stay there, forever. Have the cake and eat it to. There’s a job out there thats made for me and I know I will find my way to it. Till then, I have downtown, Austin to keep me motivated.