Coffee and its associations


Right at this moment, I am sipping a hot Latte, which surprisingly is Cappuccino with very little foam and more milk. Ha! Who knew! While coffee is my poison, I never really knew the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino.

Interestingly, yesterday, while sipping on his Cappuccino my husband did ask me what the difference was between the two. Now, I’m not proud of this, but I do have tremendous faith in the gift of gab that I am blessed with and I also do remember making up some pretty convincing stuff to answer his question. There was no follow up question.

It isn’t surprising then that the grey matter in my brain feeds on coffee and that right from when I was a little girl, coffee has been my vice. Yeah, I sneaked coffee in my mug, when mom wasn’t watching. But there’s more to the caffein than just the kick it gives you. There are all these associations that make coffee more glamours than Wine. Of course, wine is more intoxicating, but nothing replaces a coffee kick.

Here are some associations that make coffee more important than the air we breathe:

  1. FRIENDS: Anyone who has ever seen Rachel and Ross kiss in Central Perk know what this coffee house means to us. And not just that, I think of that group of friends, the couch, the mundaneness and the coffee house every time I sip my coffee. Well, every time would be an exaggeration, but i’m pretty sure everyone who has been a fan of this show has at least once thought about it.
  2. Fraiser: Well, not as popular as FRIENDS, but Fraiser is one of the pioneers in popularizing the coffee culture amongst the people who watched the show. Cafe Nevrosa was Fraiser and Nile’s favorite hangout. A place where they’d fret and celebrate together. A different kind of coffee shop, which did not have a couch, but instead had a bar like seating and a huge bookshelf. An absolutely cozy ambience located in rainy Seattle.
  3. At a personal level, coffee was like the forbidden fruit as a kid. The elders always had a cup, while I just sat there waiting to grow up. I got my hands on it the first chance I got and then never looked back.
  4. Movies: So many films have their leads sitting at a coffee shop, sipping her coffee, watching the world go by. I think that imagery kinda made a deep impression here.. I’ve always wanted an oil painting of a coffee shop on a balmy summer afternoon, set in paris. That’s the dream.
  5. The Barista at the corner of Shivaji Park in Bombay. Enough said. No explanation needed there.
  6. The fanciness attached to the names that once meant nothing. Who knew what a Latte was till a Starbucks popularized it? Expresso, Cappuccino, Americano. People who survived on cutting chai, today brag about not being able to function without an americano.
  7. The cost. Admit it, walking about with a Starbucks or Barista coffee cup in your hand says a lot about your standard of living. And honestly, who doesn’t like showing off their pay checks.
  8. A coffee conversation is better than the one you have over a few drinks or over dinner. Coffee is casual, coffee is pleasant, coffee doesn’t make you throw up on a stranger’s shoe. Coffee is safe.
  9. The invention of a coffee sleve. It’s just the best thing ever!
  10. Finally, just taking a break. Get up, get a coffee!

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