If I could Instagram this day

I’m sitting in a Library in a suburb of Oregon and all I can think of is Instagraming the heck out of this day. If I could, I’d Instagram the entire week and the week before that. I’m debating using either the Rise or the Kelvin filter, which will bring out the solid colors and brighten this dull grey day.

There are people around me, who seem the least bit bothered about what it looks like outside. Yet, I haven’t been able to get over the million shades of grey I’ve seen over the last two weeks. It’s always grey, on the grey scale it’s either more grey or less grey, but it’s always grey.

It always goes like this, the beginning of a long rainny week, I’m all pumped up. I’m going to take over the greys, concentrate on the green and make it work. This time, maybe this time, I’ll succeed. But, No. It’s the same story every time.

So yeah, I want to Instagram this day. I want to make this day look better. I want the grey to turn in to soft shades of pastel yellow and blue. The green to be green but Instagrammed green. The kinda green that makes life look beautiful. The kind that you want to run your hand through and the kind that feels like soft velvety fur.

I want to be able to think. I want to be able to write. I want to be able to get out of bed feeling happy and excited about the day. And if only I could add some filters to this day, that would be true.

Now it’s raining. Rain doesn’t capture well with my phone. But I know that if I did take a picture and instagram it, it would look like little crystal beads. The ones that will send tiny light rays in all directions, making the day look so colorful. The prism. Just like the prism.

I’ve realized now that this is not possible. That I’m going to have to get through the day without a beautiful rainbow across the horizon. That I probably have a higher chance of winning the lottery ticket than turning this raining day around.



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