The thing about procrastination..

Honestly, the real deal with putting off things for later is that you do it, because you can actually afford to do.

Why else would I have spent the last 30 minutes of my life just sitting on the couch, scrolling through my Facebook page, mentally composing this post instead of actually writing it. 

And that’s exactly the case when you spend those ten extra minutes watching a series of youtube videos before you do the dishes. Or load the washing machine or begin preparing for an interview, or a test.

What really needs to be understood is that none of the activities that follow a long productive period of procrastination are of the urgent nature. Very obviously, the key words here being productive and urgent. 

Let’s review these one at a time. Productive. History and your mother has time and again reminded you that procrastination is a bad thing. But, is it really?

There are people, I know of who have this compulsive need to be engaged in an activity or two at all times. Except, when they are asleep, which is usually not for very long. They are often referred to as being ‘hyperactive’, a term that is very loosely defined and can be easily misinterpreted. The point here being, that these are among the few people, along with your mother who think procrastination is a criminal waste of time. 

I disagree, and here’s why:

I’ve noticed that my productivity almost exceeds my expectation after productively putting off things for a while. The outcome of a highly fruitful procrastination session is directly measured with the mental satisfaction you get after completing the activity you weren’t able to get to for so long. 

Why isn’t procrastination considered an activity in itself? I’ve had multiple eureka moments while on awesome prolonged breaks. When you’re waiting to be struck with ideas, such moments are god sent.

Culturally, not doing something or sitting ideally is often looked down upon. Unless you are doing this for an obscene amount of time, I don’t see why this is so offensive to people. Also, I think this is one of the most important reasons why people spend a lot of time in their restroom. 

Procrastination is like a strong stimulating shot of caffeine. Minus the side effects, shaky hands and addictiveness. 

Finally, contrary to the idea that lazing around is a bad bad thing, relaxing your eyes, mind and body can lead to a kick ass dishwashing session. Ever heard of sparkling clean dishes? Not all detergent, I tell you. 

Urgency. umm.

Well, up until six months ago, I believed that I worked better under pressure. Well, considering I’ve been on my toes since I was 18: bachelors, two masters, three jobs, four internships. Phew. This complete state of joblessness came down pretty hard on me. What I did realize over this period is that I do work better under pressure, but some of my best work is a product of taking it easy. 

It’s important to understand that stress keeps your mind busy, which works for most people. But peace makes your mind run in directions you’ve not explored before. So while, you’re on the fast track mode to becoming the youngest CEO of Yahoo!, take a deep breath and stare at a blank wall for a while. Experience joy. 

Similarly, procrastination is often possible only when you know that you’ve got those few minutes to spare browsing through your twitter messages. 

This means that urgency is not a factor and you can actually spend a few more minutes with your coffee mug and watch the leaves rustle through your window pane. 


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