Date a girl who speaks her mind

She’s loud, she’s opinionated, she’s verbose and she kinda argues about everything. 

What more? She’s independent, she’s charismatic, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. 

She drinks, she parties, she has her own set of friends and a mind of her own. 

Date her. And here’s why:

I guarantee she is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. If she’s all of the above and she still wants to go out with you, she probably knows you’ve got it in you somewhere.

You’ll never have a dull moment. She’ll find a way to turnaround the most boring sunday afternoons. 

She’s probably done more fun stuff than you have. Learn a thing or two from her. 

She has a hobby. 

She is not constantly trying to change you. She doesn’t believe in making you a ‘better person’. She is confident you are perfection. 

She’s assertive, not dominating. The difference is that she is open to an healthy discussion and capable of understanding your point. 

She doesn’t want things her way, she wants them the right way. And she’s willing to meet you halfway. 

It doesn’t have to be her way or the highway. Her balanced, well read and educated world view makes her reasonable.

She cares and thats the reason she’s passionate and moved by most things. 

Most importantly, she does not believe in manipulating you. She likes to put herself out there and bear the brunt, rather than deceiving you and getting things done her way. 

She says it the way it is. Wouldn’t you like that? 

She loves beer.

She’s competitive. Why wouldn’t she be? She’s awesome at everything. Wouldn’t you like a good challenge?

She does everything you do and she does it better.

She wants to come home to you.

She hates pink and loves asymmetrical designs. So your house will never look like a perpetual doll tea party.  

You’ll never find yourself in a boring conversation about nail colors. Instead, you’ll be thrilled every time she makes a point.

She cooks, but only stuff that blows your mind (in an extremely delicious way). 

Your friends will love her. 

And finally, she doesn’t need you, she wants you.


6 thoughts on “Date a girl who speaks her mind

  1. Wow!!i liked the blog . Very well written. Keep up the good work. I will definitely follow this..:-)

  2. Impressive!!! Landed here through a friend’s shared link on facebook… Now, need to keep up with your blog!! Btw, honestly, women with these attributes are real hard to come by!

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