Dream on… how else will you get anywhere?

I woke up startled by a nightmare this morning. As I recollect, I faintly remember being chased, although I can’t remember what I was running away from. If I think real hard, I recall bloodshed.. carcasses, some very familiar faces doing not so familiar things. I remember my dream in a bluish grey filter and I remember being very very stressed.

Now, I remember watching ‘Magnolia’ last night and I remember being taken aback by the ‘frog shower’ part of the movie and if I add a few other things to this mix, I can make sense out of my dream. But what still surprises me is the extent of my imagination. It far exceeds my reality..

And this is a good thing.

I believe in dreaming. If there is a group out there that propagates dreaming and its benefits, i’d join it immediately.

I’ve never had a problem dreaming.  And I’m not talking about remembering my dreams, neither am I restricting myself to the subconscious dreaming that happens when you’re asleep. I’m talking about dreaming in general.

Dreaming, that lets you see your life bright and clear while you’re staring in to oblivion with your eyes wide open. I dream so often. In the middle of a boring conversation (there I am nodding my head, dreaming away to glory), while watching a experimental movie, while driving places (note: i’m never in the driver’s seat. Not yet), while taking a shower, while waiting for a bus, at the doctors, on the patio, in the kitchen, while going to bed, when I wake up, when i’m texting and other unmentionable moments.

I’ve never needed an external drug to enhance this experience. Never have I had to take help of any substance to customize my dreams. It’s a free flowing process that helps me visual things.. no doubt you need a heavy duty imagination for that.. and without that you’re just caught in a web of reality, trying to make your way through a crowded train station. Now, that’s no fun.

This is different. This is like letting yourself go (let me repeat, without any substance), seeing yourself climb that ladder, which could be related to anything career, personal life or just taking the escalator to the movies. Watching yourself do something and be someone that helps your chalk out the path to get there.

And trust me, you can do this while you have your feet firmly on the ground. There is no harm in letting yourself dream a little. It doesn’t define you and it certainly doesn’t make you a hopeless idealist. Dreaming does not make you’re not earning a living, managing a home and life or raising kids.

In fact for people out there, who haven’t had a chance to experience this, I’d like for you to try this.. it will definitely help you get somewhere in life.

Drift in your dreams not in real life!


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