How to just be.

This is really difficult, you know. In a world where there is so much going on. People are so busy making something out of their lives. Around you. It’s almost like standing at a busy train station at nine in the morning and watching people pass by in the fast forward mode. While you stand still. Try to balance yourself. How to just be.

There are many facets to ‘just being’. Like, being comfortable with yourself, having a sense of fulfillment, being content, being happy. Honestly, it’s really difficult. With all the questions about your existence doing the arounds, it’s a tedious position to be in. Over the last few years, I’ve given this a lot of thought. And I’ve realized that the secret to ‘just being’ is a long drawn process called ‘living life’. It doesn’t happen overnight, neither is there a set timeframe in which you can find answers to ‘just being’. But the best part is that you can have your own rules and you can find your way through the maze on your own terms and conditions. Here’s some I did to ‘just be’:

  1. Know where to begin. Know when to stop.
  2. Know who is important to you. Have a top five persons list ready at all times.
  3. Know that there are no limits, unless you are doing something illegal. Following your dreams and having a mind of your own, does not count as illegal.
  4. Don’t be shaky about your thoughts. You don’t have to make up your mind, just have a solid frame work of what you stand by and what you don’t.
  5. Don’t let anyone intimidate you. If you know you’re right, then you most certainly are.
  6. Read. Nothing shuts up people better than facts and statistics.
  7. Know the basic laws. You don’t have to be a lawyer to know what you can and cannot do.
  8. Keep an open mind when it comes to music. You never know what might take you to a different place. Note, i’m not talking about substance here. Just pure unadulterated music.
  9. Don’t do drugs. No one needs them. Not even someone who’s just trying to be.
  10. Find a place that helps you calm down. It could be at the top of a hill or a corner of your living room. Wherever it is, this place will be an ultimate mind calming experience.
  11. Find a person who helps you relax. This is sort of difficult, considering opening up to people might make you vulnerable, but really knowing how much to let people in your lives can help.
  12. Arguing doesn’t help most of the times. If you really just want to be, don’t get caught up in trying to explain your perspective to the rest of the world. They won’t get it, if they did, they wouldn’t have questioned you.
  13. Let the past be. Just like you want to be. The past only hurts and gets you no joy. Unless you had the most amazing childhood and teen years, let the past.
  14. Find personal role models. Not one, but many. I don’t believe that one person can be so perfect as to be a role model. But many different people can have numerable good qualities. Have 10-15 role models based on their qualities you would like to emulate.
  15. Don’t let anyone bring you down. No matter what that means.
  16. Don’t let anyone comment on your lifestyle, appearance and most importantly your grammar.
  17. Save money for the bad days. Don’t blow it all up on a party for your friend who’s leaving the country. Save money for yourself. It will help you, when people abandon you because you don’t fit in their plans.
  18. Don’t ever be apologetic.
  19. Don’t ever do anything just to make someone happy. That someone can look after herself.
  20. Finally, don’t keep in touch with people who bring you down. Not everyone can be of help.

That’s all.


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