The ‘Nothing is good enough’ syndrome.

How short is our attention span today. Almost as if we have an attention disorder of some sort, that prevents us from seeing anything through till the end. It’s like we have to move on to something else (not better, not necessarily the best) as soon as we’ve barely touched the present situation.

Facebook. Gtalk. Facebook. Pinterest. Facebook. Allwomenstalk. Check weather. Pinterest. Facebook.

And it’s fine as long as these increasingly wavering interest are restricted to the social media arena.  But if they spill over in your real life… that’s entering dangerous territories. No job is good enough. No man or woman can hold your attention for longer than a second.

It doesn’t work this way. Everything needs time and space. How else will you realize where it leads you. Giving up on something is the easiest things. But holding on, seeing it through to the other side is a real sign of a hero.

What will you be?


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