Butchering the English language

‘Being sumone 1st love is Gr8, but being someone’s last love is beyond Perfect’

It took me a few minutes to make sense out of this beautiful saying that if had been written in proper human English language would just increase its credibility. 

What is wrong with it, you ask. Honestly, everything! The phrase has but a few errors. Firstly, no English dictionary, in the entire would shows any result for the word ‘sumone’. What did she mean by that word? did she mean summon? No, that doesn’t make sense. Did she mean someone? without an ‘s’ at the end of the word to show possession? I couldn’t decipher it. For the longest time. 

And this was just the beginning of the great puzzle. What does Gr8 even mean? How difficult is it to write ‘great’ instead of ‘Gr8’. It takes two more letters to make a properly used English word. And just a few more clicks to type it. an extra muscle or two used in the whole process. But seriously how difficult is it?

Times have changed. When I was in school, which wasn’t too long back.. about a decade ago. Maybe more.. but our teachers and even my parents would come down hard on me for a grammatical error and there was no looking back if I made a spelling mistake. I once got rebuked bad for spelling ‘people’ wrong. I remember, my mom made me spell the word verbally in a very rhythmic manner for a whole day. Of all the things I remember from that period in time, loudly chanting ‘people’ a hundred and seventy-five times is one of my most distinct memory. 

And yet, today, when I look around, friends and foes belonging to my generation or older use these oddly encoded short-forms for most things. It takes me more time and hell lot of patience to understand these text messages or chat conversations than it ever did to read Oliver Twist. 

Ur? Your or You’re?

U? You? U for umbrella?

R?????? Our or Are?

Plz!!! Please, just stop adding ‘z’s’ at the end of every word. Sometimes it’s just plain inappropriate. 

4. What is this for? the number? or something else. I’d never know.

It’s bad enough that our attention span has reduced to decimal points because of the internet, but the increasingly disturbing use of short-forms of extremely nice English words is just outrageous. Enuf said! (Enough said!!).


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