Living the stereotypes

Women nag, men cheat. Women shop, men drive cars. Women cook, men earn.

Has anybody wondered how difficult it is to live up to these stereotypes today? The fast-paced, equality driven work and personal lives that we lead, makes it extremely difficult to stick to these roles assigned to us by the society. And yet, we so commonly hear people passing random judgements on somebody’s life.

Women are great at trickery, I read, recently. Not surprised at all, as it came from a recently jilted lover. I haven’t heard this for the first time and this certainly won’t be the last, but does it take a lot of effort to have an open mind? To distinguish people, not based on the widely accepted notions, but to take them for what they are. Even when we don’t know them, judging them, should never be an option.

I’ve met people who’ve live by every stereotype there is. And i’ve also met people who by principal and to a large extent ¬†understanding the harm caused by categorizing people, live life on their own terms.

It’s not difficult, you know. You just don’t do what the society thinks is right. Instead, you do what you think makes sense in a situation.

Stereotypes are very pressurizing. At a certain level I am forced to live by them, just so that the world can make sense out of the deal. And in my own small ways, I fight them.

Can there be a world where men and women exist without having to check mark themselves into small boxes?

You’re either fat or hot.

You’re either a lair or a saint.

You’re either a nag or careless.

You’re either a success or a complete waste.

Let’s try to have in betweens. And exceptions.



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