20 ways to keep yourself busy while unemployed!

So, I’m unemployed and bored, absolutely not by choice (Hint: Frank Gallagher). But there’s got to be a better way to deal with this. I mean, Joey (character from Friends) never worked.. well almost never, but he managed well, didn’t he? So instead of completely wasting my time or alternatively writing sadass cooking blogs, I’ve decided to come up with a million different ways of killing time. Some constructive, others not so constructive. Try them at your own risk. Here you go:

  1. For starters, you can spend most of your morning planning your day. Essential stuff required for this activity is a large cup of coffee, a wi-fi enabled corner of your house or a cafe and a blank white wall to stare at.
  2. You can also spend most of your day wondering what could have happened if you had a job. But trust me, this activity is more fun, when you read through cranky status messages on Facebook posted by friends who have awesome jobs.
  3. Wonder what Monday blues feel like.
  4. Wonder what getting up early to get to work on time feels like. There’s a lot to think about there.
  5. Crib. Crib some more.
  6. You’ve got to eat at some point.
  7. Facebook. Gmail. Facebook. Facebook.
  8. Watch an episode of a popular show, watch another one, its never ending.
  9. Talk to your husband. Text him. what’s app him.
  10. Come up with weird ideas to get a job. What’s app you’re friends about these ideas. Move on when they completely ignore you.
  11. Ponder on these ideas.. Look up (google) certifications and programs that could possibly get you started in the new career direction. Look at the tuition required. Drop the idea.
  12. Attempt to learn a new language. Attempt I said.
  13. Eat some more.
  14. Definitely time to Facebook again. (don’t have to stick to the timeline).
  15. Stare for about an hour at the book that has been lying on the table for days.
  16. Make plans to write a book of your own. List the number of topics you could possible write a book about.
  17. Whatever you do, don’t login to LinkedIn. Those fancy-ass job titles your friends have now.. will just hurt. Don’t ever log onto LinkedIn while unemployed.
  18. Closer to bedtime, think about what other people are up to. Just think about it. Making calls at this hour will only mean wasting a whole lot of quality me time.
  19. Wonder if its too early to sleep.
  20. Make plans for tomorrow. A whole new day ahead. Lot of thinking, facebooking and pinteresting to do! Phew!